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Bags, Bags, and More Bags

Updated: Aug 17

Bags, I am obsessed with making them, and can't get enough of them. They are one of my fall back projects that allow me to crochet while I ponder what I would like to make next. I have one under way in my crochet on the go kit, and when I have crocheters block, it is the project I tend to go for. Making bags is enjoyable for me and it makes a useful item. I have a bag of bags in my car, my home, & in my partners car. What is a bag of bags I hear you say, basically it is a market bag that has other market bags in it, and they are used for grocery shopping among other things.

There are a few types that I make a lot, the classic Compact String Market Bag, the Elongated V Market Bag, and the Port Waikato Market Bag. I tend to make these from cotton endy bits, or from several strands of crochet cotton held together that I have bought from the op shop.

Messenger style bags are also fun to make and when lined (I tend to use old scarves from the op shop) made a useful every day bag. For these I tend not to use a pattern, rather just make a piece of crochet fabric of the right dimensions and a long piece for the strap and use a slip stitch to put them together. I fold the fabric in thirds. Two thirds make up the bag and the final third becomes the flap.

Tote bags are also fun to make and with this I get a chance to show off some nice yarn or a funky stitch. I don’t make many of these, but they are fun to make.

Do you make bags? I would love to hear what types of bags you like to make.

There are more than a few bag patterns that I have.

The Elongated V Market Bag and the Compact String Market Bag are worked in the round in a circular shape, using either chains or long stitches to give a “string bag” look. These are great for shopping trips.

draw string mesh market bag
Franklin Market Bag
multi coloured mesh market bag
Port Waikato Market Bag

Another method of making bags is using the filet crochet mesh stitch. This is the basis for the Franklin Market Bag and the Port Waikato Market Bag. These bags are very similar, the main differing feature is their handles. Again these bags are great for a shopping trip or for transporting your own produce.

The Evolution of an Idea Bag is based on the Port Waikato Bag, however there are lengths of different coloured chains woven through the mesh. These chains offer a great opportunity to get creative with colour and texture. I am beginning to sound like a broken record but again it would make a great bag for shopping. Also, if you lined this bag it would make a funky and interesting everyday day.

mesh and woven chains market bag
Evolution of an Idea Bag

Building on the filet crochet theme the DNA, Conical Flask, and Conical Flask with Liquid Market Bags actually use filet crochet to make the designs on the bags. Filet crochet is a great way to get creative and express yourself.

market bag with conical flask motif made in filet crochet
Conical Flask Market Bag
market bag with DNA motif made in filet crochet
DNA Market Bag

The Le Tour Bag is similar to the Evolution of an Idea bag, with a slightly different construction and it is much smaller. Again this bag offers the opportunity to play with texture and if it is lined would make a super cute going out bag.

Cute little handbag made with woven chains
Le Tour Bag

Using solid granny squares sewn together is how the Teapot Bag is put together. It has been called the Teapot Bag because when I showed it to my partner he said it looked like a teapot. The colours in the squares are all the same, but are ordered in two different ways. This bag really allows for creativity and experimentation with colour, texture, or both. It is a cute little bag for something fun.

solid granny squares made into a funky baf with black handles and base
Teapot Bag

Finally the Round Granny Bag is made with, you guessed it, the granny stitch. Like the Elongated V Market Bag and the Compact String Market Bag it is made in the round in a circular shape. Another great bag to use for your groceries or any other shopping. I can hold plenty and the shoulder strap makes it easy to carry. It can be made using two colours, or one colour. Really you can use as many colours as you like. It would look really unique if it were made from left over endy bits.

granny stitch market bag with over the shoulder handle
Round Granny Bag

I will be doing a separate post for each of the bags mentioned, except for the ones I have already done a post for. These will be linked below.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


Click here for a pdf of the Compact String Market Bag Pattern, and here for the post on the the Compact String Market Bag

Click here for a pdf of the Elongated V Market Bag Pattern, and here for the post on the the Elongated V Market Bag

Click here for a pdf of the Le Tour Bag Pattern, and here for the post on the the Le Tour Bag

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