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Making bowls is fun for me. I like the process and enjoy the result. making then gives me a chance to try out new stitches, or use ones that I don't use very often, or try new colour combinations with familiar or favourite stitches. It allows for creativity by using these elements. There is also the added bonus of having a useful and decorative item when you are done.

Another method is to make a bowl from wool and felting it. This gives a very sturdy bowl that has a different look again.

Aka Aka Bowl
Kariotahi Bowl

The Aka Aka bowl and the Karioitahi bowl each use the front and back post stitches in different configurations with two colours to give their unique look.

Mauku Mini Bowl

The Mauku mini bowl uses the moss or granite stitch with two colours to make it look as it does.

The Pukeoware bowl uses the same approach to have a slightly different look.

Bowls are a great way to try new stitches or colour combinations.

I am certainly going to be making more, as gifts and for myself. I am pretty sure you can't have too many bowls.

I will be doing a separate post for each of the bowls that I have mentioned above.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


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