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Change is Coming

Updated: Aug 18

cotton yarn balls

The website has now been going on for a year. Who knew that it would have? I am very happy and excited about that. My hope was that it would and that it will continue.

This website is very much a passion project, something that I have wanted to do for a while, and with the encouragement of my lovely partner, I made it happen.

This post will be a little bit more about my thoughts on how the year has been for me, as well as the changes I would like to make. I hope you don’t mind.

Writing posts has been both interesting and challenging for me. The challenge is that I realised, I am not a writer. So, I embraced a more casual conversational style. It is what works for me, and my hope is that it is reasonably readable. Another aspect of writing that I have come to realise, is that I seem to like writing short posts. Perhaps, once I have said what I want to say that is enough (although when I am speaking it is not the case because I can ramble on with the best of them). The interesting and even fun aspects have been thinking bout which topics I am going to write about. Putting my passion for crochet into words. The really fun part has been sharing my thoughts and passion for crochet with you all, the readers.

One of the things that I am thinking about is how often I post. Up until now, I have tried to post once a week. This is something I will change, but I haven’t decided how yet.

Prior to starting this website, I had some of my patterns available for sale and this continued after I set up the website. Making money was never the goal for this endeavour, so I have decided to make all my patterns available for free. As part of this, I will be making a post for each pattern and then providing a link to where you will be able to download them. The ultimate goal will be to make them all available on this website, but until that is done, they will be at the link provided.

With this change, I am considering putting a “Buy me a Coffee” button on the website so that if anyone wants to contribute they can. If I go ahead with this the money, if any will go towards purchasing yarn.

I am hoping that this change will enable my crochet ideas to be shared more widely, which is something I would like to happen, as crochet rocks!

Are there any thoughts you would like to share about the blog?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


cat and crochet in progress

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