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Coasting Along

Using yarn made from several thin strands held together

Small projects like coasters can be very rewarding. They are worked up quickly and look great. Whilst they are small projects there is a lot of room for creativity.  We can use colour, texture, and shape to let that creativity loose.

When it comes to colour, there is the ability to mix colours that you may not use together normally to see how they work together.

Texture can also be important, but can be tricky to achieve. To much texture and the coaster may not sit flat or keep the beverage container flat. Not enough texture and it may be back to colour and shape. Texture is not something that I use very often when I make coasters, but I have seen some lovely examples by others.

Shape is where creativity can really shine. One way is to use the more traditional doily shapes, or motifs. This is something that I often do. Another way in which shape can allow your creativity to shine is by having a rectangle shape and make a image in the coaster. The last way I am going to discuss shape is just to show you one of my favourites, cat butts.

Knowing that there is so much creativity in a simple coaster we can then use the coasters as gifts, decor in your home, and of course to make sure your beverage does not leave rings on your table.

Embrace your creativity and make coasters galore!

I have recently made some patterns for image coasters. you can find them at the following link.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


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