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Coasting Along the Coaster

Mug Coaster

Working from charts is something that I do enjoy and I have made a post about it before. I use charts for bags, wall hangings, and coasters. So, today I am going to chat about coasters.

They are super handy, quick to make, and offer ample opportunity for personalisation, experimentation, and creativity.

One of the ways that I experimented with coasters is by using charts. That is how I have a whole raft of coaster patterns. They are all based on the same pattern with the difference being the chart that is used. There are science themed ones, nature themed ones, as well as other images as well.

The charts are made in excel according to the I Like Working From Graphs post.

For each of the coasters (or theme of coasters, not sure yet) I will do a separate post, but it will really just be making new charts available.

Before I disappear for now, I had a thought. The coasters could be used as motif blocks to make a garland or sewn together to make a blanket. Personally I am not fond of sewing things together, but if you are and you do this, I would love to see the photos. You can email them or share them on instagram @ribhuslughdiscovercrochet.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


Umbrella Coaster

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