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Crochet on the Go

My Crochet Emergency Kit

Crochet on the go or in public is something that I do. In my bag I have an emergency crochet kit, as well as an emergency sewing kit. You never know when a crochet (or sewing) emergency will arise.

My friends ask me, what exactly is a crochet emergency. There really isn’t one definition, but I usually say when I want to crochet. I have used my emergency kit on many occasions such as when I need to wait for someone or if I am feeling a bit anxious and I need to focus my mind, or simply of the urge to crochet takes hold.

When I do crochet in public it seems to capture attention. This can be in the form of people looking to see what I am doing or even coming to speak to me about what I am doing. This more often than not leads me to tell people I am in fact crocheting not knitting and explaining the difference. People coming to speak to me is certainly not the most common result of crocheting on the go. But it does allow me to tell people how awesome and cool crochet if as it can have a very dowdy reputation.

If crocheting on the go appeals to you here is what is in my crochet emergency kit:

4mm crochet hook

Scissors with a scissors find attached

Measuring tape

Tapestry needle

Small safety pin


Project I am working on (usually then compact string market bag)

Go forth and crochet the world.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon. Charlie

My sister gave me the little pouch I use

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