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Evolution of an Idea

The one that inspired it all
Fabric of my hoodie

Creativity and inspiration comes in different forms. Recently I went through a creative process, and I wanted to share it with you.

A little while ago I went for a weekend away. During that trip I got a new hoodie made from a really cool fabric. The fabric gave me the idea to try and weave a piece of fabric with the same concept. That is an alternating colour warp (the vertical part of the fabric) and a grey weft (the horizontal part of the fabric). After warping up my loom this way and started weaving, I soon realised that my warping technique for an alternating colour warp needed tweaking to make this style of fabric. As I was weaving a few mistakes crept in.

The intermediate step
Weaving on my loom

This made me think of a way of crocheting something with a similar look. After some pondering I decided to crochet a mesh bag using my Port Waikato Market Bag pattern in light grey. Using five other colours I then made 31 lengths of chain stitches to weave through each round. The final result is pretty cool if you ask me.

This is an example of how an idea evolves and becomes a finished item.

What was fun about this was I was often wearing my hoodie as I was weaving and crocheting. Every time I looked at what I was wearing it reminded me of the inspiration for what I was working on.

Not all of my projects evolve this way, but this one did.

How do your projects or ideas evolve?

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


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