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Favourite Stitches?

Stitches are the building blocks of crochet. To me there seem to be five basic stitches plus the chain. They are slip stitch, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet. What makes the project is how we use and combine these stitches.

When it comes to my favourite, I’m not actually sure if I have one or not. My suspicion is that I don’t have a favourite. What I do have is preferences for the stitches that I use for specific projects.

· For scarves I like loose opens stitches, usually done with a hook that is larger than suggested for the yarn;

· For wash cloths I like tight and textured stitches, such as the front and back double crochet or a single crochet;

· For pot holders I also like tight stitches and usually use single crochet;

· For blankets I like double crochet as it makes a dense enough stitch but is not thick enough to be stiff.

What I do really like is how the stitches are combined. With this I do have favourites, but not fro specific projects. Lace stitches and textured stitches are my favourites. I like how combining the five basic stitches plus the chain can make something that is open and delicate, yet when you combine them in a different way they are more structured and three dimensional Laces and textures come from the same basic stitches.

For a nice scientific analogy that the basic stitches are the bases of DNA and they combine together in what seems to be an infinite combination to make crochet projects in all shapes, sizes, and uses.

No wonder I love crochet!

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