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Finding a Yarn, the Right Yarn

Finding the right yarn for a project can be a challenge if you choose not to use the recommended yarn for the pattern, or develop a new pattern.

I am having this issue right now. I have some really nice cotton yarn in lovely colours. It is slightly chunkier than what I normally use, so the go to patterns are not working. To use this yarn I feel I really need to work from a chart.

The first attempt was a bag with a filet patter, but that ended up being too large for my liking, so...... pull it all out and......

On to attempt number two. Coasters. Again it was too big for my liking. Let's undo it again.....

My next attempt is going to be what I call solid filet. This seemed to be a good idea because I could turn the finished product into a wall hanging. So let the crocheting begin.

I thought it might be nice to keep track of this project in a post.

Using "so" too often, so I will keep you posted. Not really that long for you. The next line in fact.

This has worked well and I am happy with the result. It isn't completely finished yet, but I am going to finish it. Once it is done I will likely turn it into a wall hanging.

Now it is done and I am pleased with the result.

The solid filet is definitely a stitch that I like and there is a good chance I will use it again.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


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