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For Something Completely Random

Well this post is about my spinning wheel and the random competition I have entered it into. This competition is for cars not spinning wheels, so my entry is rather tongue in cheek and make with a rather large wry smile. The competition (DeBoss Garage Internetional Car Show) has several categories and each is judged by a YouTube channel that also works on cars.

It all came about because my partner watches the channel of a judge (Vice Grip Garage) and I watch as well (I'm not into cars but I find the host very entertaining), and I commented that my spinning wheel with its unusual modifications certainly fit the ethos of this channel, so he joked you should enter it into the competition. Guess what? I did.

So below is my entry video and remember this was done as an amusement to myself and to be super cheeky, and certainly not made to be taken seriously.

Enjoy, if that is the right word for it.

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