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Giving the Beans to Beanies

Updated: Aug 17

Beanies are very popular, but I don't really wear then. Not sure why, but I prefer more of a beret style hat.

Despite that I do have patterns for beanies that I am sure will keep your head cosy and warm during winter.

lacy beanie, hat, toque
Lacy Hat

There is the lacy hat, which would pair nicely with the lacy wrist warmers. The lace pattern is the same.

shel stitch beanie, hat, toque
Shell Hat

The shell hat is made using a shell stitch and gives a nice subtle patterning to the beanie and will show up more or less depending on the yarn you use. Using more than one colour would also make the shell patterning stand out and give the hat some extra flair.

Dual coloured basic beanie, toque, or hat
Green Credentials Hat

The green credentials hat is a basic beanie that uses two colours to make it stand out. For this hat you could use any colour combination you like. Perhaps, one to match every outfit.

basic beanie with horns
Video Conference Hat

Finally there is the video conference hat. A different quirky hat to have fun with on those video conference calls, or any other time. Again, this would look great in any colour, and making the horns in a different colour would also be a cool thing to do.

basic baby hat or baby beanie
Basic Baby Hat

Even kids like wearing beanies, so there are two for your little ones as well.

First is a basic beanie to make in a colour you like best. If you would like to personalise it further you could do this by sewing on appliqués or with colour combinations.

baby beanie or hat with scalloped edging
Strawberry Shortcake Hat

Then there is the strawberry shortcake hat. the main feature of this is hat is that you can put a ribbon or a chain of yarn into the brim of the hat to customise it and make your little one stand out.

I will do a separate post for each of the hat patterns.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


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