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I Like Working From Graphs

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

There are two types of crochet patterns that I know of. One that uses words and the other is a graph or a chart. I really like working from graphs, a lot. This is where my use of vintage filet patterns comes in. You may have noticed this from the crochet technique posts. I will even make my own graphs, and that is what this crochet chat is about.

For me, I like to have my patterns in PDF format as I use my iPad as my portable crochet library, so I use a spreadsheet programme to convert my graphs into PDF format, but more on that later.

When I make my own graphs I start with the obvious, an idea. I then follow the steps below, if you would like to do the same you will need:


Rubber (eraser);


Graph paper;



(Also, a computer with a spreadsheet programme if you would like to do this)

How to do It:

1. Sketch out what you want the graph or final piece of crochet to look like. I usually do this, sometimes I go straight to step 2.

2. Get some graph paper and transfer the design to it. Tweaks are often made along the way. If I am feeling confident I will do this straight into my spreadsheet programme.

3. Once sketched in onto the graph paper make the design fit onto the squares of the graph paper using full squares only. This can lead to more changes as an often curved ideas becomes straighter along the edges.

4. Then check to see if you are happy with the result. If you are and you do not want to make a PDF version. Trace over your design in pen, and then rub out the pencil markings.

5. If you are happy with the design, and want to transfer it to your spreadsheet programme, you can do it like this.

  • Change the width of your columns to 0.3 cm and the depth of your rows to 0.3 cm

  • Choose the colour you would like to use to show your design. Select this for the fill colour of the cell. I use the classic black, but any colour you like will work.

  • Then transfer your design by filling in the squares where needed as per the design. Do this row by row.

  • Once this is done highlight your design and select print or export as PDF, depending on the programme that you use.

  • When the dialogue box pops up select to export selected cells only. Then export as PDF, however your spreadsheet programme does this.

Enjoy your graph and make a wonderful crochet project with it.

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