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Tokaanu Thermal Walk, Tokaanu, New Zealand

Inspiration when it comes to any craft can take many forms. Crocheting is no exception. For me inspiration comes from various sources or things such as nature, cats, science, other craft or art works.

Winter Gardens, Auckland, New Zealand

The inspiration is not always direct. When it comes from nature for example it can be certain colour combinations, shapes, or even the landscape itself. The colour combinations that inspire me I can use in my crochet. Shapes can make me want to crochet things that have a similar shape or reflect those shapes. Inspiration can also be direct. Using the nature theme again, a landscape makes me want to crochet a wall hanging as a stylised picture showing a landscape. This is something I want to do, but have not done yet. It is my challenge for this year.

I can also be inspired to crochet something for someone, such as a collar for my cats, or a scarf for a friend. When I think about it, everything I crochet comes form some sort of inspiration.

Another thought I have about inspiration is that it is not always there, it can be fleeting or hit you smack in the face when we least expect it.

Kikowhakarere Bay, Coromadel, New Zealand

Recently I did an exercise to think about what inspired me to get a better idea about it. I found this really useful. I asked myself four questions as well as making a list of my inspirations. The questions were:

* What I made that made me smile?

* What I want to make for others?

* What I want to make for myself?

* What challenging projects I want to make?

These helped me focus in my inspirations and the ideas that come from that. I made a sheet with these questions on it. If you want to use it yourself your can download it here.

I hope you have enjoyed the photos I have used, they are photos I have taken of things that inspire me.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon. Charlie

My backyard

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