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Introduction Time

Updated: Aug 17

crocheted bowl using basketweave stitch

Hi, I'm Charlie and this is my blog..........

As promised here is a little bit about me. Warning, talking about myself is not my forte, and will try to keep the I's to a minimum.

Living in rural New Zealand environment with my partner and three cats is great. It is peaceful and I get to see a lot of green, my favourite colour.

There are a few passions in my life and crochet is one of them, science is another. At times I will even combine the two.

When I am not crafting, growing succulents, and doing other cool stuff, I spend some of my time volunteering.

Now that you know a little more about me, I hope you enjoy the content to come.

Lastly, a quick note to let you know that all my patterns use the US nomenclature.


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