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Updated: Aug 18

skein of blue and yellow hand spun wool

Just another short chat about yarn. This time joining pieces of yarn together. For me it depends on the project I am making and who I am making the project for.

One method is the old tried and true knotting pieces together. Another method I am fond of is called the Russian join method.

The gist of the Russian join is that the twist of the yarn is loosened and a loop made by using a needle and putting it into the loosened twist, putting another piece of yarn through the loop and making a loop in the same manner. The yarn is then pulled tight at either end.

This link will provide you with a better set of instructions and has images to help you out.

As a general rule I will use knot when I am making projects for me, using thin or novelty yarn , or if I want to make the knots part of the finished texture and look of the project. Otherwise I use the Russian join as it gives a very neat finish and does not add too much extra bulk (it will add a little for a stitch or two).

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon. Charlie

skein of multi-coloured hand spun wool

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