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Love Me Some Colour

I love working with colour and cotton, so of course I work with colourful cottons. One of the quickest projects to get colour is a coaster.

When I make coasters I love to combine bright matching colours. The cotton doesn't even need to be the same. I often use odds & ends (bits 'n' bobs) that I have bought at the Op Shop (thrift store) or left overs that I have lying around.

When it comes to coasters I like working in the round and making mini or tiny doilies. Alternating the colours keeps the coasters as a set, but not all the same. "Who wants to be like everyone else? How boring." is a phrase I will use, so this works in with the alternating colours. Also it gives a hippy boho look, which I am certainly partial to.

I have coasters all over the house, I'm not super tidy. However, it is really useful if you need a coaster, chances are there is one close at hand. I recently came across a quote that summed it up well for me "creative clutter is better than idle neatness".

One of my favourite tricks for working with colour is to tie together all my ends that are left over from weaving in and make them into a ball along with said leftovers and scraps. I use the cotton ball to make the compact string market bag and the wool ball to make blankets.

I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


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