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Photography Challenges

Recently I was taking some photos on my deck for a project I am working on (not sure if I am ready to announce it to the world yet) and I had one of my lovey felines (Simba) come to visit, and inspect, and most likely report back to the others what the person was doing.

It is always nice to get a furry visitor, but this time he helped too much.

Here are a few pictures of the inspection in progress. It must have been okay because I was not reinspected and but I did get some comments.

Simba Inspecting

Taking a Closer Look

Inspection Complete

Here is another lovely feline (Tom) coming to inspect on a different day.

What are you doing human? Why am I not being cuddled?

Inspection was maintained after this, and he invited the others to join him, which they did.

Tom Inspecting

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon. Charlie

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