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Shall We Unravel.........

Do you ever pull out your work? I definitely do. Sometimes a lot.

On occasion it is for a mistake, although I see if I can “fix” it as I go along, after all there are no mistakes only design features. Unfortunately that philosophy doesn’t always work and I have to undo my work. It can annoy me when I have to undo my work for this reason.

However, by far, the main reason I pull out my work is because I am not happy with it. This could be for a few reasons. It might not look right to me, it could be that I just don’t like how it looks, or even I am not enjoying what I am making (it does happen). Sometimes I end up undoing something three or four times before I am happy with it.

After I pull it out I change something, it could be my hook size, my yarn, the colour of my yarn, or sometimes I may even change the stitch I am using. This is all to see if I can correct what is bothering me with my crochet work.

In this case pulling out my work doesn’t really bother me, I tend to view it as part of the creative process to get an end result that I am happy with. I would rather undo my work than end up with something I don’t like. After all, crochet, for me, is tied into my visual perception and I will pull out my work to make it appealing to me.

I would be interested to hear from you how you feel about pulling out your work.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


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