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So Many Techniques...... So Little Time

Updated: Aug 17

colourful ball of endy bits

There are so many crochet techniques, it seems there is one for every type of project and then some. I have my favourite techniques, as I imagine most people do.

In the introduction to this blog I mentioned that I would talk about techniques that I use. So, I thought I would so an introduction to my favourite techniques as a place to start and then do a separate post about each technique, where I can go into detail about what I like to make and perhaps even how to do it etc.

Of course I need to let you know what my favourite techniques are and then you can look forward to (at least I hope so) seeing the more detailed posts on each.

Drum roll.........

Here are my favourite techniques in no particular order:

  • Filet

  • Fair Isle

  • Corner to Corner

  • Tapestry

I look forward to chatting with you again soon. Charlie

crocheted houses and potter houses

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