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The Source of all Yarn

Updated: Aug 18

three skeins of hand spun wool in blue, white, and red

Sourcing yarn is something that every crocheter needs to do. There are many ways we can do this.

There is an obvious way of going to the store and buying some of the latest yarn. This is perfect for a project of any size.

Another way is to buy yarn from the op shop (thrift store). Here you can usually get older unused yarn or recycled yarn. There can be some awesome finds here with yarn that you might not find anywhere else. One of the things that I do with op shop yarn is to make larger balls from scraps and small amounts of yarn and use them to make blankets. If I find crochet cotton I will often make balls with two or more strands of yarn held together and make the compact market bag with them.

Recycling yarn is an option if you have an old jersey or blanket lying around that just doesn’t get any love any more. Simply unravel and create a project that will make sure the yarn gets all the love it can.

If none of these methods of acquiring yarn is for you then making your own yarn is an option.

To make your own yarn, you can spin it from wool or alpaca fleece. This is something that I do as I have a spinning wheel (well, three actually), a drop spindle, and a support spindle. If this is not an option for you, there are places where you can buy hand-spun yarn.

If texture and added dimension are something that you are after in your crochet then you can use wire, twine, plastic ties etc. This type of “yarn” will make firm rigid items like bowls and baskets, and add a new textural dimension to your crochet.

You can also make your own yarn from old clothes and material scraps. This type of yarn makes your projects unique and gives them a bohemian and funky look.

The last way of making yarn is one I have mentioned in another post, which is to make a ball of yarn from all your ends and leftovers. I will often add this to a ball made from op shop bits ‘n bobs.

Where ever you get your yarn from enjoy it and make it into something awesome.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


collection of cotton yarn balls

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