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Vintage or Modern?

A little while ago I was looking at vintage crochet pattern books on and I came across several booklets from WWI where people could knit and crochet items for the soldiers in the trenches or in hospital recovering. These were British publications.

There were some hat patterns that I tried out and enjoyed making, so I decided to step it up and make something larger. I chose the "Man's Crochet Bed Jacket" for those recuperating in hospital.

This is an unusual project choice for me as clothing is something I rarely make.

So I set about making it as per the pattern (probably chose the incorrect size hook, but it worked out). I knew I didn't have enough wool of any one colour to make this, so I made the decision to make it multi-coloured. I felt that it also would make it more modern as well.

I didn't follow the pattern to completion as I decided that I didn't want buttons or the cuff straps.

It was an interesting project for me, I'm not sure it makes me want to make more wearable items. However, the I am pleased with the result and it is nice to wear.

Below is an image of the pattern that I used.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


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