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Welcome to the RibhusLugh Discover Crochet Blog

Updated: Aug 17

selection of crocheted coasters

Welcome to the RibhusLugh Discover Crochet blog. There is a good chance that you are wondering about the name RibhusLugh, and it is unusual. When I was thinking of a name, some time ago, I really couldn't come up with anything. So, what is a person to do, spend some time trawling the internet of course. With craft in mind and having just watched a documentary on or at least mentioning ancient gods, that is where my trawling went, and where the name came from. Ribhus is a Hindu god of skill and creativity and Lugh a Celtic god of skill and mastery of the arts. Combine the two and voila, an interesting and unique name.

With that out of the way, what can you expect to see here. The idea is to have crochet patterns that I have designed, as well as crochet chat. The crochet chat will be of the what I am working on and techniques that I like variety.

If this sounds like you, come along and join the Discover Crochet journey.

Next time I will do a little introduction about myself, and then we get to the good stuff.

See you then,


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