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Who is a Basket Case?

Updated: Aug 18

ball of wool in a crochet basket

Baskets are much like bowls, so I won't cover too much old ground.

The general differing feature (but not always) is that baskets tend to have handles of some sort.

With baskets, the real opportunity for creativity comes with colour and the stitches that you use to make them.

Since baskets are just another form of a bowl and are, therefore, just as useful and provide the same opportunity for experimentation and creativity.

There are three basket patterns that I have, and they are all made using the same base pattern. What changes are the height and addition of handles. All three are made by holding two strands of yarn together and the main body of the basket is worked in the back loop only. The three baskets can really be considered a set of baskets.

Firstly we have the Awhitu Basket, it is low, and in my mind, more of a bread serving basket.

Next is the Waipipi Basket, it is more like a bag, (and could be used as such) but is a great herb or small produce collection basket.

Finally, we have the Waiuku Basket with its handles that are more decorative than useful. This is great for holding your stuff and things at home or at work.

As always I will be doing a separate post for each of the baskets.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to chatting with you again soon.


crochet basket on a tree stump

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